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About BOB

Beyond Our Borders is the title we give to the financial and prayer support program run by our church that helps our members to provide assistance to other missionary’s, churches and organisations outside of the boundaries of Perth’s Western Suburbs. As part of this program we formally support the following three missionary and church organisations. Less formally we are involved with a number of bible-focused ministries, churches and bible conferences around Australia. Contact us if you are interested in more information.

Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) is a fellowship of churches and pastors across Australia. Our churches are committed to praying for one another and continuing to promote planting of evangelical churches throughout Australia. Our pastors seek to provide support and encouragement to one another. Check out our website here: fiec.org.au

Swan Family, Wycliffe Bible Translators in Indonesia

The Swan Family are Australians involved with the international Wycliffe Bible translation ministry in Indonesia, working to translate the New Testament and other parts of the bible into local languages.   It is estimated that more than 2000 distinct people groups worldwide do not yet have a copy of the Scriptures in the language that they know and use every day.  By translating the bible into a common language, more people are able to read the bible for themselves and are able to grow in their understanding of God and strengthen their relationship and faith in Jesus, also teaching others.  Recently the Swan Family have been involved with publishing a new copy of the scriptures in electronic format so that it is available to study as an application on their mobile phones.   Please pray for Mr & Mrs Swan and their three children as they continue this work with Christians near to Australia.

Check out Wycliffe Australia’s website here: wycliffe.org.au

Mark Naw Yaw Yet, Overseas Council Australia in Manila

Naw Yaw Yet was baptised “Mark” and grew up in a Christian home. He studied a Bachelor of Theology and then worked as a church planter. He later did a Master of Divinity at Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (MEGST) and having potential as a lecturer was sent to South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (AGST) in India to study his Master of Theology. After lecturing for four years and pastoring at a church in Yangon, he was selected by MEGST to study at AGST to equip him to lecture at the new MTh program run by MEGST, and he currently lectures in a theological college.   Through the overseas Council of Australia we are able to provide Mark with informed prayer and financial assistance to continue his study and his work in theological training.  This important work not only allows Mark to teach and strengthen new Christians, but to provide potential local church leaders with a better understanding of Christian doctrine, especially in a diverse religious context.

Check out Overseas Council Australia’s website at www.overseascouncil.com.au

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